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I received many questions about my double bass technique and I wanted to edit a cool exercice ( very effective for me ).

This is my practice routine of the Single Stroke Roll ( Right/Left/Right/Left...etc...).

This is a basic exercice I repeat everyday to warm up and try to build strenght,speed,control,endurance...

The tempo increases gradually ( + 10 bpm after 16 measures / from 110 bpm to 240 bpm / Total Lenght = 5:30 )

The exercice consists in 2 loops :
1st loop = 4 eight notes with right foot (R.R.R.R) + 4 eight notes with left foot (L.L.L.L) + 4 eight notes with right foot (R.R.R.R) + 8 sixteen notes with 2 feet ( single stroke roll : R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L) 2nd loop = 8 eight notes with right foot (R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R) + 8 eight notes with left foot (L.L.L.L.L.L.L.L) + 8 eight notes with right foot (R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R) + 16 sixteen notes (single stroke : R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L.R.L )

The idea is :
If you want to play a solid & consistant single stroke roll, you must be sure to play solid 8th notes
with your right foot and the same with your left.( before playing 16th notes )

When you practice this exercise , pay attention to the power & sound of your 2 feet ( for metal music, it's good to have the same sound ) ,control , speed , balance....

It's a good exercice to compare instantly your ability of the right and left foot and try to fix the little mistakes
from your weak foot.

My Tips :
Beater distance from the head = 17 or 18 cm ( for a powerfull stroke )
Spring tight to maximum for a quick return
Try to play this exercice heel down & heel up.

For me, single stroke rolls are the best exercice for building speed , power & endurance ! Of course , you can practice it with your feet and your hands .

I really hope you'll enjoy this exercice and it will help you to improve your double bass technique.

Have fun !!